Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IW02 Test Report

This is the report of the tests conducted with the RC car chassis, to validate the viability of using such solution. The setup was first assembled in a breadboard linking an Arduino Duemilanove, a Xbee Series 2 and an H-Bridge (L293E). Another Xbee modem was connected to a laptop and sent messages to the remote one (in the car).

This first test was successful, with signals sent via wireless to command the traction motor of the car.
The next step was to build an Arduino compatible shield containing the Xbee and the H-Bridge, to finally test the capability of the car to start the motor with a load applied (the car weight). This test also had good results. The car was fully mobile, and several situations were tested.

Unfortunately the batteries soon wore off and the Arduino board could not obtain enough power. Another minor problem found was a lag of wireless messages, although it was not constant.
The next step is to install new batteries and measure the minimum voltage to start moving the car, and also assess if the servo that came with the RC chassis is good enough for our research purposes.

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