Friday, November 12, 2010

remote command

The current test is the ability to command the robot via a Xbee link, with the lar toolkit at one end, sending messages from the Xbox gamepad.
So far it was found that the xbee devices, (at least while working in AT mode) can have significant delay when the COORDINATOR tries to send messages. According to this forum: XBee series 2 - receiving delay, a possible reason is that the COORDINATOR tries to broadcast messages, while a ROUTER or END NODE, by default, unicast messages to the coordinator, so now the COORDINATOR modem is at the robot and the ROUTER modem is at the command center. It is important to emphasize that the modems will be configured as API in the future, to deal with multiple robots, and it is unknown how good the xbee message rate will be.

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  1. This is a relevant issue since you will need good communication performance to close the control loop when observed by the vision system. It is certainly one of the key points of the next developments.