Thursday, November 25, 2010

problem with multiple xbee modems

I am currently going through some major problems. So far tests were just fine when using only one coordinator an one destination modem (both router and endnode). However when I tried to use a setup with 3 modems (coordinator + router + endnode) I am experiencing serious lags in communication, for example the gamepad commands take very long to arrive the destination.
In this tests, there is a program that sends messages at a rate of 2Hz, destinated to a modem that is not turned on. (this may be one of the problems, I remember now that once I powered that other modem, things were fine, or am I mistaken?).
Anyway, I am trying to figure out now where is the bottleneck in this setup. I may be in the way I am handling messages at the computer, it may be hardware limitations (xbee buffer, serial channel speed, wireless comm speed...).

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