Sunday, December 19, 2010

multiple xbee tests

This is to test the system capability to distribute messages to several robots using only one coordinator. Each "robot" is only an arduino fio board, with a xbee modem, and at the computer side, there is a module (program) for each "robot". These modules send a message each 100 ms, and at the robot side the boards blink a led to signal the message was received.
Although the tests had good results, its hard to assess if no delay is present on the messages. If one robot is turned off, that affect the others. Only three destination modems were used in this test, and there is a difference between a modem that was previously used in other tests and the other two modems that were just recently put in use.
Further investigation must focus in why a modem shut down affect the others and what is the difference in the configuration of the two "new" modems and the "old" one.

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