Thursday, January 13, 2011

New robots

I am creating the new robots, after the prototype had good results. I was afraid I could not use the l293e driver with the lower voltage (3.3V) arduino fio, as the specs of that IC states that the minimum logic supply is 4.5V. Nevertheless I was able make them work with a 3.3V logic and a motor supply from lipo batteries rated at 3.7V.
Now I am creating the motor driver shields for the arduino and after that I will modify the car chassis to integrate with the electronics.

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  1. I also am working with arduino fio based car robot. Could you give me some guidance on getting the I293e to work with the 3.7 supply voltage? Any tips or considerations I should make? I've not purchased the I293e yet. Would you chose this chip if you had it to over or chose something else?